More than one-in-three American workers today are Millennials (adults ages 18 to 34 in 2015), and by 2025 they will be 75% of the global workforce. What makes Millennial employees different from previous generations? How might organizations prepare to tap into their unique talents and creativity? How might companies best leverage intergenerational collaboration to spark an innovation culture?

This workshop aims to address these questions and more through interactive, team-based exercises that will provide tools and insight to prepare you and your organization to get the best out of this emerging workforce.

What topics will be covered?

 - The effects of demographic trends on organizations and why it matters

 - Debunking myths about the millenial generation

 - How might we craft group dynamics, incentive structures, coaching strategies, and provide clarity of and alignment to an overarching mission to best tap into the full potential of intergenerational collaboration 

What exercises will be done?

Participants will work through two interactive, team-based exercises:

 - Journey Home: a role-playing game designed to teach coaching and support strategies that enable creative success, and,

 - Bird-cage: a team based problem solving game to illustrate the importance of the organizational mission in unlocking the desire to innovate.

What will the audience take away from this workshop?

This workshop promotes an understanding of and empathy for the millenial generation. Participants will leave with ideas and tools to inspire and grow intergenerational innovation, creativity and execution.

Any requirements for attending?

Keep an open mind, speak up and have fun!